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The University delivers selected Online Distance & e-Learning (ODeL) courses using appropriate ICT tools to deliver interactive rich learning environment away from the traditional classroom.

During this term, the following course modules will be offered on the e-learning platform as published below.

Please select and click on the appropriate course and login.

PHD Programmes

  1. POLD 822 Qualitative Research
  2. POLB 809 Human Resources Development
  3. POLD 822 Strategic Leadership
  4. POLD801 Leadership Theory
  5. POLD802 Cultivating Self-leadership
  6. POLD804 Organizational Behaviour
  7. POLD820 Global leadership
  8. POLD807 Quantitative Research

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

  1. PGDL 400 Leadership Research Project

Masters Programmes

  1. MAL 500 Leadership Foundations
  2. MAL 601 Leadership and Culture
  3. MAL 605 Management Knowledge Systems
  4. MAL 623 Mentorship
  5. MAL503 Results Based Leadership
  6. MAL502 Team Building and Conflict Resolution
  7. MAL607 Developing Educational Programs 
  8. MAL602 Leadership and Change 
  9. MAL604 Mission Marketing and Quality
  10. MAL611 Leadership in Spiritual Formation

Undergraduate Programmes

  1. BUS 2133 Business Leadership I
  2. BUS 4014 Corporate Governance
  3. BUS2233 Business Leadership II
  4. BUS2453 Human Resource Development
  5. BUS3233|BUS4011 Organizational Change and Development
  6. BUS4313 Insurance and Risk Management
  7. BUE 4123 Business Consulting
  8. UCC   104 Communication Skills
  9. UCC 105 Introduction to Leadership
  10. BTCL 1323 Transformative Church Outreach
  11. BTCL 3113 Bible Theology of Missions
  12. BTCL 1333 Christian Education Foundations and Curricular Development 
  13. BTCL 1223 Introduction to Sociology of religion
  14. BTCL 1313 The Gospels
  15. UCC 301 World View and Critical Thinking
  16. BTCL 1243 Acts of Apostles
  17. BTCL 1343 Biblical Theology of Worship and Prayer
  18. BTL 1213 Galatians and Romans
  19. UCC  101 Spiritual Formation
  20. BUE3323 Business Environment
  21. BUH3213 Team Leadership and Management
  22. BUH4113 Employee Relations
  23. BUH4123 HRM Strategy
  24. BUH4313 Industrial Psychology
  25. BCM 300 Intermediate Macro Economics Theory
  26. BIT105 Introduction to Computer Programming

Certificate Programmes

  1. YDP 005  Introduction to ICT

Instructions on enrolling for the courses

These courses are taught using CourseSites by Blackboard, an online platform for organizing and securely sharing course materials, online lectures, discussions and other online learning functions.

Students no longer request for enrollment, but are assigned the class depending on your pre-registration and registered courses.  Ensure you have registered online using the Student Portal.

To login to your course follow the steps:

  1. Click above to open your course or enter in your browser

  2. You will be taken to the Coursesites by Blackboard landing page

  3. Click on login button for access the login credentials page

  4. Enter a valid student email address ( and password. (Consult ICT Support for assistance where necesary)
  5. You will be presented with the courses learning portal, take note on the right hand of your screen courses where you are a student.

  6. Click on the course where you are a student (this may be more than one course)
  7. To select another course, return to the courses menu by clicking My Courses, and select another course.

NOTE: You may sign-in using the Google social media button on the login page once you register your social media link in settings.

If you're not enrolled for your course, please consult with the Registrar's office to verify your status for the course, thereafter, notify the eLearning office once registered to add you to the course


We recommend you access CourseSites through the Mobile App?

Get the APP by following these steps

Go to the app store

  • On iPhone or iPad: click on the App Store icon,

    • Enter “Blackboard Mobile Learn” in the search box

    • Then, press “Free” (don’t you love pressing “Free!” :-) )

    • Once it is uploaded it may say “Open” or you can go to your home screen and find it.

    • Click on the App, now follow “Getting to Your Courses” below:


Click on the App

  • Now, press “search for your school”

  • In the search box, enter: “CourseSites by Blackboard”

  • You will come to a screen that has a place to enter your Username & Password

    • Same Username and Password for your desktop version (that’s easy)!

    • Enter and enjoy your mobile CourseSites experience!

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